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Aberdeen Harbour and Nigg Bay

Today under ominous clouds and high winds I decided to take a walk around the south side of Aberdeen harbour and down the coast back towards where I live in Nigg. This was a quite gentle walk, made more dramatic by the high seas and ferocious winds that were buffeting the clifftops and whipping up the spray.

The Coastal Path

After doing some quick shopping I started my walk at the harbour, walking along the south esplanade past some of the bigger docks where supply ships were being loaded ready for more trips out to the rigs. As the road climbed up to the lighthouse, I stuck to the shoreline and passed opposite the Marine Control tower and the various piers which were providing a nice perch for various cormorants and gulls. A small beach sheltered behind the southern breakwater which marked the end of the harbour and which the more energetic waves were managing to crest with a burst of white water.

Gratuitous Lighthouse Shot

I then climbed up onto the clifftops and skirted round past the lighthouse where a sad reminder of the dangers of the seas was to be found. At the north end of Nigg Bay I passed the huge foghorn which warns ships of the entrance to the harbour and then came round, back on the road where it was almost impossible to walk in a straight line due to the strength of the wind. Down on the shoreline various cars were pulled up and the occupants watched as wave after wave crashed against the shorefront.


Beyond the bay I tried to walk over Tullos Hill but, after crossing the railway line via an arch bridge I was confronted with a maze of high security fences which seemed to force me back to north and out of my way. Whilst retracing my steps to regain the coast I saw a fox dart off down the path and shortly after a young deer, springing through the coarse grass.

Back at the coast I picked up the Aberdeen coastal path as it continued south towards Cove. With the clouds growing ever darker and wind continuing to relent I left the path just past Doonie's Rare Breeds Farm and made me way through the Tullos Industrial Estate to get back home just as the sun was setting.

The Coast